Let’s achieve September goals together!

September kicks off the unofficial beginning to fall. The days are getting shorter. Leaves are changing colors. Kids are back in class. So it’s time to shake off the sluggishness of summer holidays and focus on achieving your goals.

Of course many of us tried to to make changes in life, study a certain topic, or start a certain project, but couldn’t. Sometimes we have motivation and passion to attain new goals, but after a little while, we lose motivation and stop doing what we started to do. This occurs quite often to most people, and then we wonder what can we do to get motivated, not lose the enthusiasm, and go on to the finish line.

Let’s learn how to stay motivated to achieve our autumn goals.


  1. Think and analyze your goal, and find out whether you really want to achieve it. Is it worth the effort and time? Maybe you don’t really want it.Getting motivated and staying motivated is simpler if you are sure of what you want.Make your goal very clear. The more specific it is, the easier it would be to focus on it and get yourself motivated.
  2. Make workable plans, with small steps that are easy to follow, and insist on taking at least one step a day. This will give you confidence, and make you believe that the goal is within your reach.
  3. Read books or articles about the subject of your goal. They will keep your mind directed toward your goal and focused on it.
  4. Read about people who have achieved success. This would inspire you
  5. Never allow yourself to stay in bad mood. Go out for a walk, exercise your body, or force yourself to get out and go see an entertaining movie, which will make you laugh or inspired.

Keep your mind on the goal, no matter what. Actually it doesn’t matter if it is September or January. No need to wait for the right opportunity and time. Any time is the right time, otherwise, it is just procrastination. That’s why Zapya has a new goal every day. We want our app to be useful and efficient for you.

So let’s achieve our goals together!

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