Formal Apology to Android Users

Dear Beloved Users,

We here at Dewmobile, Inc. would like to formally apologize for the recent scare that we caused you. Without any prior warning, the Google Play Store removed our application and declared it was harming other applications. The reason why Zapya was removed from the Play Store is that a third party software development kit (SDK) that we were using was recently deemed harmful by the Google Play Policy team.

We worked closely with the Google Play Policy team to launch a new version of the application that does not contain the harmful third party service on it. We understand that we are responsible for end-to-end performance of our software and promise to be extremely careful from now on in choosing third party software development kits. We hope that you can accept our apology and continue to use Zapya. Please download the updated version of Zapya at


Best Regards,

Dewmobile, Inc.

7 thoughts on “Formal Apology to Android Users

  1. Thanks for communicating the same, I also received the warning notification from Google, rather I was given an option to remove Zapya, I however did not removed it.

  2. Apology accepted and we appreciate such care regarding the users… We humbly request you to improve the app and make its size lesser, and remove the extra options that are rare in use…. Thatnk you…

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