ZAPYA Charity Event in Myanmar

Steve, one of the founders of Zapya, took staffs to visit Myanmar market and found that Myanmar is a country that is very kind and very loving. Steve is also happy to be charitable and wants to do his part for Myanmar. Therefore, we visited the orphanage of the ministry of social welfare relife and resettlement, in Yangon, Myanmar. There are 115 childrens in the orphanage. The youngest is 5 years old and the largest is 15 years old.

As a representative of Zapya, we donated 10 dozen notebooks, 10 dozen pencils, and 120 donuts to the orphanage. Another donation of 100,000 MMK (One Hundred Thousand Myanmar Kyats) to the president of the orphanage, the president as the representative of the orphanage, awarded us a certificate of honor.

We all glad to see the children with smiling faces. We will often come to Myanmar in the future to do meaningful things.

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