Zapya Go and Make Friends

Zapya Go

Not long ago Dewmobile, Inc. relaunched Zapya Go as a brand new, private social app. Zapya Go includes the same reliable transfer functions of Zapya awhile including social features so that you can interact with your closest friends. Just share a file to become friends on Zapya Go!

Users can post and chat friends on Zapya Go similar to how they do on Facebook and Instagram. However, Zapya Go, unlike Facebook and Instagram, values the users right to personal privacy. Only users who have transmitted files to each other and confirmed the friendship can see each other’s posts and chat.

We recently traveled to Myanmar in order to participate in the Thadingyut Festival. We met up Zapya fans at Maha Bandula Park in Yangon where we had the chance to get to know the users and teach them how to use the offline functions of Zapya Go.

For the users that came out to meet with us, we provided them with gifts to commemorate the occasion such as T-shirts, brooches, and USB data cables.  We diligently listened to their comments and feedback that they gave us about our apps and we truly appreciate their input.

We here at Zapya strive to work harder to give users a better experience in terms of use.

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