Zapya Go Tutorial

With the latest update of Zapya Go, users can now transfer files, add friends, share photos on their moments, and chat with the new messenger feature. The Zapya Go messenger allows users to chat with their close circle of friends normally or they have the option to make it private by using the encrypted chat feature.

How to Transfer Files: 

  • Select the “Send” or “Create Group” option from the home screen
  • Select the files that you want to transfer and click the “Send” button on the bottom of the screen
  • Use the radar to find the person you wish to transfer files to or select the “Scan QR Code” option and scan the QR code on the other person’s device
  • Once you have selected the receiver, the files will automatically be saved onto their device

How to Add Friends:

In order to be able to add each other as friends on Zapya Go, you need to have transferred files to each other before. Once you have transferred files to another person, they will appear in the list of people you can add as a friend on Zapya Go.

  • Click on your profile that is located on the top left corner of the home screen
  • Enter the “My Friends” section
  • Click on the “Add Friends” button located on the top right of the screen
  • Select the person you wish to add and click “Add Friend”

How to Share Moments:

  • Click on the “+” on the bottom of the home screen
  • Write your status and click the “+” to upload images
  • You can upload up to nine images to your moments
  • Click “Publish” which is located on the top right corner of the screen

How to Chat:

  • Click on the “Message” button which is located on the top of the home screen
  • Choose the friend you wish to talk with from the list (If you do not see the person you want to talk with, make sure to transfer a file to them and then add them as a friend)
  • The messenger will appear and you can freely chat, send files, images and even stickers to each other
  • If you want to keep your conversation private, enable the encrypted chat feature by clicking on the button located on the top of the chat screen



5 thoughts on “Zapya Go Tutorial

  1. Only those who you have shared files with before can add you as a friend on this new social platform. Whether it is posting funny photos or a status update, you can safely share with your private circle of friends on the Moments section on Zapya Go without strangers seeing your precious moments.

  2. Zapya Go is small and fast file sharing app and is compatible with Zapya. If you have a smartphone with low memory or you want a fast and small app for file transfer then Zapya Go is best solution. It will allow users to send files across all OS and devices.

  3. Sending and receiving files on. It does not matter if you are sending a file to someone who is down the street or is on the other side of the country, they will be able to receive it using this new feature. Simply select the files you want to send and then Zapya Go will create a unique password for you to share with those you wish to send the files to.

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