Zapya Personality Quiz

Curious on what application in the Zapya suite you are? Take the quiz below to find out!

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5 thoughts on “Zapya Personality Quiz

  1. قبلا لازم نبود برای وصل شدن به زاپیا، رمز وارد کنیم یا جی پی اس را روشن کنیم. چرا ورود رمز و فعالسازی جی‌پی‌اس اجباری شده!؟
    Please stop GPS activation and password entry for connection in Zapya, because it is time consuming !

    1. Dear Zara,

      Due to the newer operative system and its limitations, our current Zapya version only works using WiFi Direct, the password is necessary for an optimal connection as this system has a low adaptation rate. This password is randomly set by the security layer of your phone so it cannot be changed.

      Many thanks,

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