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Everyone has turned to social media to stay connected with their friends and family in these trying times. However, sites like Facebook and Twitter have become overwhelming with the sheer amount of content on them. From the posts people you added years ago cluttering up your feed to all of the computer generated suggested content the sites are forcing on you, it has all become too much. Wouldn’t it be nice to start again on a social platform that promises to not push suggested content on you and only people you interact with can connect with you on it?

Why not give Zapya Go a try? Zapya Go allows you to be social without compromising your privacy. You can build your own private circle of close friends by sharing files remotely or offline to each other. Once you have shared a file to them, you can send them a friend request and unlock the totally private social platform.

On Zapya Go’s private social platform, there are no auto-generated friend recommendations or suggested posts. This means you can share status updates and photos with your private circle of friends and see their posts without being disturbed. You are in sole control of who you add to your private circle of close friends and whose posts you see.

With the in-app messenger, you can stay in touch with your friends without compromising your privacy. Only people you have added as friends on Zapya Go can send you messages so you will not receive messages from strangers. You can also use the encrypted chat option to ensure that only you and the person you are talking to see the chat content. The encrypted chat erases the chat history moments after it has been viewed.

Take a break from all of the noise on other social media sites and privately share your precious moments and files with those close to you on Zapya Go.


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