Ramadan 2020

Wishing our Muslim brothers and sisters all the blessings for this holy month!  Ramadan begins when the new crescent moon occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. This year the holy month of Ramadan begins on Thursday, April 23rd and will last until Saturday, May 23rd.


Our Muslim brothers and sisters observe Ramadan to celebrate when God revealed the first chapters of their sacred text, the Quran, to the prophet Muhammad. The most notable way they celebrate this holy month is by fasting during the hours of the day when the sun is up. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and is meant to bring them closer to God.


In these past couple months, we have learned that we are all truly connected and are apart of a world community. It is important that we show compassion and respect to everyone, no matter what religion they practice. The way we celebrate holidays such as Ramadan and Easter had to change due to social distancing and everyone is having a hard time adjusting to the new normal. Until this world crisis has passed, please take the necessary precautions to keep yourself, your loved ones, and everyone in your community safe. Peace be with you.


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  1. Thanks for being with muslims as you give us quality product
    Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims Zapys is always with you

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