Zapya MiniShare

If you are looking for a simple transfer tool, look no further than Zapya MiniShare. We worked with OmniaShare to create this ultra-light file-sharing tool. With Zapya MiniShare, you can seamlessly transfer files to any device without the app taking up a ton of your device’s storage space

Zapya MiniShare is 100% compatible with Zapya, Zapya Go, Zapya Mac, and Zapya PC. This means you can share files to Android, iOS, Mac or PC platforms without using your mobile data or an Internet connection! You have the choice to send or receive files by creating a group or using QR codes.


Along with being small in size and compatible with Dewmobile products, Zapya MiniShare does not run in the background so that it is easy on your device’s memory. Applications that run in the background will continue to use your mobile data even when you have them closed. By switching to Zapya MiniShare, you will also reduce your data usage.


Keep file sharing simple. Try out Zapya MiniShare today.


Available on the Google Play Store:

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