Love Knows No Distance

Whether they are near or far away from us, a part of us will always be worried about our family. We cannot help it because our first priority is keeping them safe. MyDearest gives you a peace of mind by keeping you up-to date with what is happening in your family member’s lives.

When you create accounts for your family on MyDearest, you are also creating a network to keep your family members safe awhile protecting their privacy. They decide when and with who they share their real time location with. Besides sharing their location, they can post status updates on Moments, share files in the Group Chat, and list events on the Group Calendar to keep you informed on what is going on in their lives.

MyDearest automatically alerts everyone in your network if your phone battery is less than 10%. This way they do not needlessly worry that something has happened to you when your phone is dead or left somewhere to charge. Help protect your family’s peace of mind by downloading MyDearest today.


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