Access Your USB Flash Drive on Zapya

Extending space storage has become a necessity in a time when we keep almost all of the information we need on our mobile devices. Many of us use cloud storage anytime we need to save or transfer data, but the reality is that USB flash drives still offer the benefit of speed and privacy. More people are switching to USB flash drives to extend their phone storage now, when the electronics industry has finally adopted the USB Type-C connector. That is why the Zapya team added a new feature to our application.

We are delighted to inform you that Zapya now allows you to access your USB flash drive! When you connect your USB flash drive to your mobile device, Zapya offers you the option to select a USB drive to save received files to extend your phone storage. You can also open files on the USB drive and share them directly from the drive to other devices. On top of that, you can connect more than one USB drive via a multi-port hub, which makes old USB Type A usable on Zapya. Isn’t it cool?

Update Zapya today to enjoy the best file-sharing experience!

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