Why Does Zapya Require Your Location?

Many new and old users might have asked themselves this question before and we would love to answer that question. When you are trying to create a group, join a group or search for nearby people, your location is going to be needed among the devices to find each other. Our Zapya technology works similar to Bluetooth, so if you want to be found by your friends’ devices to share files the location permission is indispensable. Without GPS enabling first, Zapya wouldn’t be able to scan, detect and join a group (hotspot).

This is why we kindly suggest you to make sure and grant the permissions requested in the installation process and before creating or joining a group, please don’t forget to turn on the ”WiFi Direct” mode and enable the WiFi Direct 5GHz. This will allow you to experience the high speed mode (5G).

If you want to read more about our Permissions and Privacy Policy, please visit www.izapya.com/policy_en.html


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