What’s New With The Zapya Suite

2018 has been a great year for all of us here at Zapya. Not only have we worked on improving the Zapya application so that it has become a multifunctional tool, we have also expanded and improved the variety of applications within the Zapya Suite. Zapya Go, Zapya MiniGame, and RecorderZ were all released this year and there are several other utility/tool applications already in the works. Continue reading to learn more about the different applications within the Zapya Suite and what sets them apart.

Zapya App

As the original and main product in the Zapya Suite, Zapya contains a variety of features in order to make your life a little bit easier. Zapya provides you will multiple ways to transfer files such as QR code scanning and group sharing. Besides the main transfer functions, you can discover the hottest videos worldwide, find new friends, remotely control the mouse on your computer, and much more. Zapya is available on Android, iPhone, and Mac.

Download Zapya Now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dewmobile.kuaiya.play

Download Zapya for iOS and/or Mac from the iTunes Store now.

Zapya Air Hockey Game

If you are looking for a game to play with your friend without the need for mobile data or WiFi, look no further than Zapya Air Hockey. Zapya Air Hockey is an add-on game available for the Zapya platform. Once installed, you just need to connect with your friend using Zapya and start playing! Disclaimer: You must have the Zapya application installed in order to play Zapya Air Hockey.

Download Zapya Air Hockey now:


Zapya Doodle

Zapya Doodle is another great add-on available for the Zapya platform. Zapya Doodle allows you to draw, edit, and mess around with existing photos with your friends without the need for a mobile data or WiFi connection. Disclaimer: You must have the Zapya app installed in order to use Zapya Doodle.

Download Zapya Doodle Now:


Zapya PC

Zapya PC is specifically made to operate on both PCs and Windows Phones.  Awhile using Zapya PC, you can share internet with other devices when they are connected to your device. It also makes it easier to share large number of files by supporting the transfer of entire folders.

Download Zapya PC Now: http://izapya.com/

Available on iOS devices as a stand-alone application as Zapya Pro, this is the only paid application in the Zapya suite. For less than one US Dollar, you do not have to deal with ads ever again. You also can select and lock important files that you wish to protect into hidden folder so that others cannot see them when you make a connection. For Android users, the features of Zapya Pro are available as a paid add-on known as Zapya VIP within the Zapya application.

Download Zapya Pro from the iTunes Store now.


Available on both Android and iOS devices, Zapya WebShare enables you to access the contents of your device from any web browser. It is the perfect solution for backing up and managing your phone contents on another device. You can control the phone camera using the web browser so that you can, for example, use it as a baby monitor. You can also view the phone screen on the web browser so that you can explain to someone how to use an application.

Download Zapya WebShare for Android Now:


Download Zapya WebShare for iOS from the iTunes Store now.

Zapya MiniShare

Zapya MiniShare is specifically designed for phones that have limited storage space. The application prides itself on being lightweight and still supporting ultra-fast transfer speeds that you have come to expect from products in the Zapya Suite. Zapya MiniShare is compatible with the other applications in the Zapya Suite so that you can easily transfer files to others.

Download Zapya MiniShare Now:


Zapya Go

Certified by Google for Android Go, Zapya Go is the other lightweight champion of the Zapya Suite. Zapya Go does not run as a background application so that it consumes less of your phone’s memory and battery. Along with the main file transfer features, there are also online games available so that you can play awhile on the go. Just like Zapya MiniShare, Zapya Go is compatible with the other file transfer applications in the Zapya Suite.

Download Zapya Go Now:


Zapya MiniGame

Play single player and multiplayer games anywhere and at anytime with Zapya MiniGame. Zapya MiniGame connects people from near and far so that you can make new friends awhile playing the latest games. This awesome online gaming platform is available on iOS and Android devices.

Download Zapya MiniGame for Android now:


Download Zapya MiniGame for iOS from the iTunes Store now.


The latest product in the Zapya Suite is RecorderZ. RecorderZ is a free screen recording application. Unlike like other screen recording applications, there is no watermark on videos recorded using RecorderZ. This means that there is no application logo or name ruining your videos when you use RecorderZ. You can easily share your videos by either sharing them via QR codes or uploading them to your favorite social media sites.

Download RecorderZ now:



Want to figure out which file sharing application is best for you? Check out:

http://blog.izapya.com/the-zapya-suite/ to learn more.


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