Travel with Zapya

Got travel plans? Make sure to download Zapya before setting off so that you can bypass Wi-Fi struggles on the road!

We have all been there. You have spent weeks planning a vacation, pouring over all the details of where you are going to visit and where you are going to stay, only to arrive at the destination and find out that you cannot find a reliable Wi-Fi signal anywhere. You want to send photos to your travel companions at the end of the day but that seems impossible in your current situation. You do not want to use up the limited mobile data that you purchased specifically for this trip to send photos because it will end up costing you an arm and a leg. That is where Zapya comes in handy.

Zapya does not rely on an Internet or mobile data connection in order to transfer files. Just make sure that all of your travel companions have downloaded the app prior to your trip if you have iOS devices. However, if you and your travel companions use Android devices, you can share the application to nearby devices!

No matter wherever you are, you can connect with your companions in an offline group to send files back and forth instantly. There is no upload time and you do not have to create an account in order to use the application.

Make traveling easier. Try Zapya out today!

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