Ashora – The Martyrdom of Al-Hussein

Ashoura is marked on the tenth day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, by all Muslims.

It is also a major religious festival to commemorate the martyrdom of al-Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who died at the Battle of Karbala in AD 680. Every year since then, many Shia mark Ashoura by performing a pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Imam al-Hussein, which is traditionally held to be his tomb in Karbala.

بولی زہرا یہ اشک مجھ کو دو،

یہ خزانہ میرے حسین کا ہے۔

تم جسے آسمان سمجھتے ہو،

شامیانہ میرے حسین کا ہے۔

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