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If you have an iOS device, you may be wondering what is the use of having Zapya when you can send files using AirDrop. Awhile it is true that it is much easier to send files from one iOS device to another using AirDrop, Airdrop has many limitations. One of its biggest limitations is that you cannot send files using Airdrop to a non-iOS device. Say you want to transfer a file to a PC or to your friend’s Android phone; you cannot do that using Airdrop.

That is where Zapya comes to the rescue. Zapya is a cross-platform file-sharing application that allows you to share files from your iOS device to any other device that has Zapya installed on it. You can seamlessly transfer files to a PC or to your friend’s Android phone using Zapya.

Another limitation of AirDrop is that if you are not in the Contacts of the person you are sharing with, you have to have the AirDrop receiving setting set to “Everyone”. By doing this, your iOS device is open to receive files from everyone nearby who is using an iOS device, which means that strangers have the ability to send you files that you would prefer not to see. Awhile you have the choice to accept or decline these unknown files, with one accidental click you will download them all.

With Zapya, you will never experience this problem. Strangers cannot connect to your device using Zapya unless you have scanned their QR code directly or they have scanned your QR code. Another benefit of Zapya is that you and your friends can use different devices and still share files without the need of mobile data or a wire. You can also chat offline with the person who is sharing with when you are connected on Zapya. If you do not want to connect directly to another person’s device, you can always send or receive files via QR code on Zapya. Your privacy is important and Zapya’s multiple ways to share give you the flexibility to share no matter what situation you are in.

Download Zapya from the App Store today and expand your sharing capabilities.

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