Let’s Start 2020 with Zapya Go!

Let’s begin the new year and new decade with Zapya Go! It’s a completely private social app that allows you to share with those nearest and dearest to you. You can be social with your close circle of friends without compromising on your privacy. Check out all the other cool features available on the new version of Zapya Go:

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Add Friends

You can now add your friends on Zapya Go by simply sharing a file to them! Once you have shared a file to someone, their profile will appear in the list of people you can add as a friend and you just have to click “Add” to become friends. Zapya Go restricts strangers from sending you friend requests and does not generate automated friend suggestions in order to protect your privacy.

Share Moments

The new Moments section on Zapya Go lets you safely share photos, videos, and status updates to your private circle of close friends. Only your friends can view, like, and comment on your moments on Zapya Go.  You can keep a low profile online awhile still sharing your precious moments with your friends!

Encrypted Chat

Along with adding a messenger into Zapya Go, we took it a step further and included an end-to-end encrypted chat option so that you can send secure messages to your private circle of close friends. When encrypted chat is turned on, the chat history is automatically cleared as soon as it has been read. This ensures that no third party can view the content of your chat.

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