Thank and Support Frontline Workers

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone who is working the frontlines so that we can stay home and stay healthy during this global pandemic. This includes healthcare workers, postal employees, grocery store workers, pharmacy workers, cleaners, utility workers, IT, and everyone else who have to leave their house everyday to ensure that we have the care, services, and supplies that we need. We cannot thank you enough for putting your lives at risk everyday.

It is a privilege that so many of us are able to stay home with our families during this time. Some of us do not have a choice because we were laid off or lost our jobs due to the virus, but at least we have our health. Staying home not only will protect our loved ones and ourselves from COVID-19, it also protects the people working the frontlines.

Other than staying home, we can help out by being more understanding and patient with each other. We are all experiencing a sense of emergency and normalcy. Unlike with other catastrophes, the scenery outside our windows has not changed to reflect the horrors of a global pandemic. Only through the news and the stories we hear from those touched by the virus, do we understand the dire situation that we all are in.

They went to work for us. Let’s stay home for them.

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