Best Secure Social Messaging App

Since January of this year, there has been an increase in cyberattacks. With big companies like Facebook and Zoom reporting data breaches, it is hard to know what app to trust with your valuable data. If you are looking for a secure social messaging app, look no further than Zapya Go.

Zapya Go is a free, private social platform that does not require you to give your personal information or link another social media account in order to login and interact with your close friends. Strangers cannot access your information on Zapya Go because only people you have shared files with on the app can see that you have an account and send you a friend request. Along with privately sharing your moments and files with your friends, you can also securely message them using the encrypted chat feature.

When you turn on the encrypted chat feature in Zapya Go’s built-in messenger, all of your communications within the chat are transmitted using a secret code so that only you and the person you are talking to can view it. In other words, third parties cannot access the information you send within the encrypted chat. The encrypted chat also automatically clears the chat history once the message has been viewed so that it cannot be screenshotted and shared with others.

Download Zapya Go today to start securely sharing with your friends!

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