Mother’s Day 2020

Wishing all the mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Now more than ever we see the important role you play in our lives and the amount of effort you put into each day to keep us happy and healthy. If you can, please take a break today and let yourself relax. Today is the day to celebrate you.

Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the United States after Anna Jarvis held a memorial service to honor her own mother and all other mothers in 1908. Thanks to her efforts to make it an official public holiday, the president of the United States proclaimed it an official national holiday that would take place every second Sunday in the month of May in 1914. Anna Jarvis wanted a day to honor “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”, which for many is your mother. Take this day to show your mother or anyone who is like a mother to you how much you appreciate everything that they do.


The great poet Rumi said it best:


“Love is what gives joy to all creation.

Love is what gives joy to giving joy.

I was born of mother’s love in the beginning.

To that mother, joyous thanks and endless blessing”


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  1. Muchas gracias, un gesto muy delicado y que se aprecia mucho. Muchas gracias y que siempre en dias como estos se repitan.

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