Upgrade to an Ad-Free Experience

Tired of the ads? Sign up for a Zapya VIP membership today! With Zapya VIP, you can watch videos, transfer files, replicate your phone, organize your phone contents, and talk with friends without being interrupted by ads.



The Zapya VIP membership removes all ads from Zapya and the exclusive VIP crown will be shown on your avatar. You can sign up for the Zapya VIP membership by going to the “Me” section of Zapya, clicking on “Enable VIP” and then following the directions on the screen. The subscription is done through Google Play so that your information is protected and the payment is secure.


When you sign up for a Zapya VIP membership, your payment covers the membership for 6 months. This means you will enjoy an Ad-free Zapya for 6 months. Once those 6 months are over, the membership will automatically renewed through Google Play and your Google Play account will be charged. All subscriptions on Google Play are renewed automatically unless you unsubscribe due the Google Play’s policies. You can view the date Google Play will renew your Zapya VIP membership on the Subscriptions page on Google Play.


If you wish to cancel your Zapya VIP membership, you can do so at anytime. Just login into your Google Play Account and go to Subscriptions to cancel it. After canceling the membership, you will still enjoy the benefits of Zapya VIP until the 6-month period is up. Please note that you must cancel your membership 24 hours before the renewal date listed on Google Play in order to avoid being charged the renewal fee.


Sign up for a Zapya VIP membership today!

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