2020 in Review

How come this year felt like it took forever yet went by so fast? 2020 will go down in the history books as a year to remember. It has forced us to all pause our plans and reflect on the importance of family, friends, coworkers, healthcare workers, and teachers. We can all let out a sigh of relief now that it is over. However, we would like to take a moment to review Dewmobile’s highlights from this past year.


2020 has been disruptive in more ways than one, but that has not stopped our staff from working hard to improve our existing products and creating new ones to help you with your everyday tasks. Our main highlight of 2020 is that we were the first company with a large offline userbase to add several online file sharing features onto our existing products. Now our users can share files of any size and of any format to any platform no matter if they are offline or online.


Though we introduced Remote Send and Remote Receive on Zapya Go in February of 2020, we were highly motivated to create a way that all our users could continue to share with each other when global social distancing measures were implanted in March.  The solution we came up with was www.zapyatransfer.com . Zapya Transfer is a cloud-based file transfer service where users can upload, temporarily store, and download files. Zapya, Zapya Go, Zapya PC, Zapya MAC, Zapya WebShare, and MiniShare users can all access Zapya Transfer from their applications to share files online.


In this same vein, we wanted to create a way that users could easily keep track of their family members and keep them safe from a distance.  Our team got together and designed MyDearest, a family locator and parental monitoring tool. We released MyDearest in April on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Since then, we have been helping thousands of families to stay connected with one another even when they are apart.


Since we have had so much success with MyDearest, we are alpha testing a new application that that focuses on helping extended families stay connected. When we release the application in 2021, the focus of MyDearest will be changed to helping nuclear families keep track of each other. We will officially announce the new application and changes to MyDearest in 2021 so stay tuned!


Along with realizing how important family is this year, we have also learned that healthcare workers have been heroes all along. Every day they have been putting their lives at risk to create a healthier and safer world for everyone. In a small effort to support healthcare workers in a community that is near to our hearts, we donated 500,000 kyats and personal protective equipment to the 300 Bedded Teaching Hospital Mandalay in Myanmar. The 300 Bedded Teaching Hospital Mandalay is one of the main treatment hospitals for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.


Another profession this year made us realize the importance of was teaching. Good teachers are the backbone of our societies because they help others become the best possible version of themselves.  We sponsored the Annual Prize Distribution at the Government College of Commerce Murree in Pakistan to help honor teachers that the student body felt went above and beyond this year. We wanted to show how thankful we are for the teachers who are making a difference in student’s lives.


Finally, we would like to thank you, our users, for your continued support and use of our products. You have been there for us through thick and thin and we are so grateful for that.  We are looking forward to providing solutions to all your file sharing needs and helping you stay connected in the coming year. Let us all work together to ensure that 2021 is better for everyone!

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