Easter 2021

Have a happy Easter and a happy day! Easter is a moveable holiday, which means that the date for the holiday is not fixed. This year Easter falls on Sunday April 4th.

Even though Christmas is the most well-known Christian holiday, Easter is the most important and oldest holiday in the Christian faith. Since the 2nd century and possibly even before that, Christians have been celebrating the resurrection of their messiah, Jesus Christ, on the third day after his crucifixion. Christians typically attend church on the morning of Easter to rejoice and celebrate blessings both big and small.

Easter is closely tied to the spring equinox since the holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday that takes place after the first full moon of spring. So not only is Easter used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is also used to celebrate the coming of spring and new life. It is a time to celebrate hope and the promise of better times.

Enjoy your Easter, and may you and yours be blessed with joy this year!



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