Zapya Go’s Private Social Network

When you switch over to Zapya Go’s free private social network, you will be able to use the same social media features you know and love except they are now more secure. All of the features available on Zapya Go are designed to protect your data and the data of your friends and family. This means you can safely stay connected and share with your friends and family without having to worry about a third party being able to see your information.

What is a Private Social Network?

Unlike public social networks, private social networks allow users to choose who they want to share information with instead of having their information shared on a public news feed. This way third parties are unable to access the user’s content or data. Users can enjoy a more intimate social media experience since they can stay in touch with their friends and family without compromising their privacy.

What Features are Available on Zapya Go’s Private Social Network?



All accounts on Zapya Go are completely anonymous since they are directly linked to your device rather than another social media account, your phone number, or your email address. With your account being directly linked to your device, you are automatically logged into your account when you open Zapya Go. To further protect your identity, no personal information is required on your profile. You have the option to upload an avatar image and a nickname, but it is not required for you to change this information to use the other features of the application. All you have to do is agree to set it as your profile.



There is no user search or machine-generated friend recommendations on Zapya Go so that strangers cannot view your profile. For someone to be able to find your profile and send you a friend request, they first must share files with you. Only then will your profile appear for them in the “Add Friend” section, and they can request to add you as a friend. Zapya Go includes multiple ways to share such as Remote Sharing and Nearby Sharing so that you can add your friends and family members no matter where they are.



You can view the latest photos and status updates of those you added as a friend on Zapya Go in the Moments section. The Moments section is available on the main screen of Zapya Go and provides you with all the latest posts from your friends. Posts in the Moments section are not filtered, which means that you will be able to view all the posts made by your friends rather than the application picking what posts you should see. There are no ads or third-party content that will appear on your Moments. The only posts that appear on your Moments that are not posted by you or your friends are updates from Zapya Go so that you know what the latest features are.


Comments and Likes

Only those you have added as a friend on Zapya Go can view, comment, and/or like your posts on Moments. No third parties will be able to view your Moments, even if they are friends with someone you are friends with. Whenever you post a comment on your friend’s post, only you, the friend who made the post, and any mutual friends you have in common with the friend who made the post can view your comment. It is designed this way to ensure that no strangers can view your information and you are in control of who views your posts.



Keep in touch with your friends and family without compromising your privacy by using Zapya Go’s built-in messenger. You have the option to switch on the encrypted chat feature so that all the messages in the chat are transmitted using a secret code that only you and the person you are talking to can view it. The encrypted chat automatically clears the chat history once the message has been read. If you do not have encrypted chat feature enabled, the chat history is saved so that you and your friend can view the messages at any time.


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