The More Secure Version of AirDrop

AirDrop is super convenient if you want to share files to other iOS users. However, you put yourself at risk anytime you have the settings open so that “Everyone” can see your device.  Not only can strangers digitally harass you by sending you unsolicited (and possibly explicit) images, they also can identify your phone number and email address as long as they are nearby.  It’s time to stop putting yourself in harm’s way. Switch to a more secure file sharing method today.

If you are looking for a secure way to share files, look no further than Zapya. Strangers cannot connect to your device or access your personal information when you share files with Zapya. Only people who that have scanned your QR code or you have scanned theirs can send you files. By adding this one extra step into your file sharing process, you are taking an extra step to protect your privacy.

Besides protecting your privacy, Zapya expands your file sharing capabilities. You can seamlessly share files to Android, PC, iOS and other devices no matter where you are with Zapya’s offline and online file sharing options. Why risk putting yourself in harm’s way? Start Sharing Files with Zapya Today!

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