It’s Time to Give Your Phone a Speed Boost

Did you know that an excessive number of files can slow down your phone? All the photos, audio, videos, documents, apps and APKs that we have stored on our phones eat away at the device’s memory and can slow down the processing unit. Cleaning out your phone’s storage can help give your phone the speed boost it so desperately needs.

Cleaning out your phone’s storage might sound like it will take up a lot of your spare time, but it doesn’t have to. If you are using an Android device, simply download FileZ! FileZ helps you easily organize and manage all your device’s contents all in one place. Use the Storage Clean feature to quickly identify large files that might be slowing down your device. Then you just have to go through the list and delete whichever files you no longer need.

If you are using an iOS device, go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage to see what is taking up a majority of your device’s storage space. You can automatically delete unused apps by enabling the “Offload Unused Apps” feature. Your device will identify any apps that you do not use often and delete them when you are running low on storage space. This feature will not delete your documents or data associated with these apps but will store them elsewhere. Besides enabling “Offload Unused Apps”, you can browse through the “Recommendations” section and follow any that suit your needs.

Stop procrastinating on cleaning out your phone’s storage. With FileZ and the iPhone Storage recommendations section, freeing up storage space has never been easier. It’s time to give your phone a speed boost by cleaning out you phone’s storage.


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