Introducing the New and Improved Zapya for Android

When you upgrade to the latest version of Zapya, you will notice that it has received a long-awaited design revamp! All the icons received a fresh new look and the bottom navigation layout has been updated. You can now access your files quicker since the “Files” tab is located in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Along with the new design and layout, you can enjoy improved Android support with the new version of Zapya. Users of Android 11 or higher can safely send and receive files now that Zapya supports scoped storage. Our engineers also made sure that users of Android 5 through Android 11 can continue to enjoy Zapya.

Additionally, iOS to Android sharing has been improved! Now you can search for a Zapya group created on an Android device and connect with a single click on an iOS device. We will be releasing a new version of Zapya for iOS soon so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version of Zapya for Android!


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