2021 in Review

Before we bid 2021 goodbye and welcome in the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened in 2021. It has been a year of adapting to the new “normal” and learning new ways to connect and share with one another. We here at Dewmobile have been working throughout the year to ensure that our products continue to help people from all around the world share files and connect with others.


Both the Android and iOS versions of Zapya both received a long-awaited revamp in 2021. All the icons received a fresh new look, and the bottom navigation layout was updated to make accessing files quicker. Other enhancements made to Zapya in 2021 are:

  • Improved Android Support

Along with the new design and layout, our engineers upgraded Zapya’s code so that it supports the new scoped storage model of Android 11 and beyond. That way users of Android 11 or higher can safely send and receive files with Zapya. They also made sure that users of Android 5 through Android 11 can continue to enjoy Zapya. Zapya Go’s code was upgraded in the same way.

  • Upgraded iOS to Android Sharing

With the latest version of Zapya for iOS, you now can connect your iOS device to an Android device without leaving the app. You simply need to click “Join” when the “Zapya wants to join WIFI Network…” pop-up appears. How easy is that?

  • User Guides Available in Multiple Langauges

You can now access step-by-step instructions on how to use the multiple sharing methods available in your preferred language on Zapya. Our team also created video tutorials using the latest versions of the app. You can watch them on the official Zapya YouTube channel.

Zapya Transfer

2021 was a huge year for Zapya Transfer. An array of new features was added to the online file sharing platform to help expand the file sharing capabilities of users worldwide. New features added to Zapya Transfer in 2021 include:

  • Multiple Languages

With the March update to Zapya Transfer, you can select their language preference. The current language selection on Zapya Transfer is: 中文, English, မြန်မာစာ, Español, русский язык, हिन्दी, اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ, اُردُو,  فارسی, and ภาษาไทย.

  • Zapya Transfer Pro

The addition of a paid version of Zapya Transfer allowed users the option to have more control over their privacy. Zapya Transfer Pro users can password protect files, set how many times a file can be downloaded and set how long files are available for. Other perks of being a Zapya Transfer Pro user is that you can send up to 10GB worth of files, send and receive zip files/folders, and have unlimited access to the online file conversion feature.

  • Online File Conversion

Zapya Transfer expanded users’ file sharing capabilities to include online file conversion in Fall 2021. The online file conversion feature allows you to: transcode files, transcribe audio, extract audio, remove audio, compress files, create GIFs, and resize photos. Zapya Transfer Free Account users can use the feature 4 times a month whereas Zapya Transfer Pro users have unlimited access to the feature.


Throughout 2021, MyDearest continued to help families keep track and take care of their loved ones. Some notable features added to MyDearest during 2021 are:

  • Enhanced Parental Controls

All of the features on MyDearest were upgraded this year to help make the lives of working parents a little less stressful. Once you establish a Caring Relationship with your child on MyDearest, you can help teach them healthy phone habits by keeping an eye on their App Usage Report and be able to provide remote support through screen sharing. You also will be able to remotely lock their phone screen if you see they are using their phone when they are not supposed to.

  • Add Elderly Relatives

MyDearest users now have the option to add elderly relatives as their Dearest.  This allows family members to keep track of the location of their aging parents or grandparents, provide remote technological support via the remote screen sharing feature, keep track of upcoming events on a group calendar, chat within a secure group chat, and so much more!

  • Improved Remote Support

The Remote Support feature on MyDearest has been updated so that you can share sound and chat awhile sharing your screen or viewing someone else’s screen .

Shoutout to Our Users

Last, but not least, we would like to say thank you for your continued support. Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we have continually been able to improve all of our applications to help make file-sharing accessible to everyone. We look forward to supporting you in 2022!





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