5 Magnificent Apps That Have Changed My Life – 2022 Edition

Guide through the Six must-have apps to enhance your Productivity

There are a lot more things on smartphones rather than just endless scrolling on applications Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Without talking about the distractions and the smartphone philosophies, I would straight away list out the apps that have positively impacted my life.

Forest — The Focus App

The world is full of distractions and 95% of your distractions these days start from your phone. Forest App helps me to stay away from distractions. A timer for the focus time can be set where a Tree (Virtual) is being planted. Once the timer is finished (Without you moving to any other app) the tree is planted else it is destroyed.

At the end of the day (or Week, Month) you get a forest with all the trees that have been planted (or withered).

Tip: Use different species trees for different tags (Like Work, Study, etc), and using the App along with the Focus feature of the iPhone can fetch you an immense amount of distraction less time.

Balance – The Meditation App

Meditation is powerful, and I like the Breathing exercises. It certainly helps me gain my focus and concentration, especially before any lecture or important meetings. I got a yearly free subscription from Balance and it has helped me a lot.

If you are new to Meditation, you can join customized Plans which will guide you for a few days, and if you are already accustomed to Meditation there are individual plans that you can perform for 5,10 minutes.

Spotify – The Podcasts App

Music is something everyone loves, and for some acts as a focus enhancer. I love to listen to BGM while writing, studying, or exercising, but if you wish to be more productive, Podcasts is something you should target.

There are amazing Podcasts on the Spotify app that you can listen to while cooking, doing home chores, driving, etc…

My personal favorite Podcast is The Mindset Mentor | Podcast on Spotify

Adidas Training – Physical Exercise App

‘I hate stepping out of the house’, ‘Covid has made our lives miserable’, ‘I wish there was a Gym near my house’ — Stop with all the excuses. You just need a 6 * 2 Sq. Ft place and a mentality to exercise, anything other than this is just an excuse.

I was personally never a fan of gyms and what I have always loved is running and playing sports, but due to extreme weather it becomes difficult to step out of the house and that is when I decided to install the Adidas Training app.

Adidas Training is a free app where you will find individual exercises or you can join a customized plan (My recommendation)

I feel I have more strength than ever thanks to my mentality and Adidas Running.

Zapya – Online and Offline File Transfer App

Zapya brings best solution for all your file sharing needs, sometimes you have to share files from your one device to another and its a major problem. However, Zapya solves this problem by providing cross-platform features both online and offline. Now you can transfer files from your android phone to iPhone and from iPhone to android. Similarly, you can transfer files from smartphone to your PC and Mac. If you want to share files online you can use both app and zapyatransfer.com website to access and share password protected files.

Download Zapya Now


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