The Best Offline Chat Messengers

Nowadays, the variety of messaging apps has made our lives much more manageable. Your message will be delivered in seconds, thanks to the Internet. But what if you have trouble with net connectivity?Remote location, traveling abroad, natural disasters, the government is shutting down the Internet, and other similar scenarios.

That is when offline messaging apps come in handy. Here, we list the best offline messaging apps that do not require internet access.


Zapya is not only a file-sharing tool. The app also offers you a very convenient offline chat. You can message friends nearby without having access to WiFi or cellular data. Offline chat is entirely private; none of the messages are shared over the Internet or saved. Once you disconnect, the chat history completely disappears and cannot be recovered. Besides this, you can always use an online chat.


Briar is an offline messaging app for Android that provides you with secure offline messaging. It allows you to chat via the Internet and serves as a fantastic Bluetooth texting app when necessary. Briar doesn’t have a central server concept. All the messages are synced directly between users’ mobile devices with the Briar app.


FireChat is an innovative Android offline messaging app. This app uses Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to establish a mesh network to transmit data. FireChat is great for usage on a school campus or public transportation with big groups of people because it operates by bouncing signals from one device to another until it reaches the receiver.


Bridgefy is a well-known offline messaging program that lets you communicate completely encrypted messages with others without an internet connection. The app offers three main types of messaging service: Person-to-Person mode, Broadcast mode, and Mesh mode.

Signal Offline Messenger

Signal Offline Messenger is a top-rated offline messaging app. It uses WiFi-Direct networking and lets you send messages to each other in a range of 100 meters. You can send text, photos, and videos and ensure that it is totally secure. The app is only available on Android.



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