Make Parental Life Less Stressful with MyDearest

Parenting is hard work. Being a parent means taking many responsibilities for your children. This responsibility includes tracking their whereabouts to ensure they are safe, monitoring their phones while you are at work, and maintaining the kids’ and family’s schedules.

MyDearest can change the way you manage your parental life. A precise family locator and parental monitoring tool is built to help parents and families minimize stress and keep life on schedule.

Once you establish Caring Relationship with your kids and family members on MyDearest, it will let you know where they are during the day. All you have to do is open the map screen and see their real-time location. However, tracking may sound unnerving at first, but if you can control who is able to see your location and when, it may be a valuable tool for keeping an eye on the kids and family members.

Children and teenagers sometimes need parental involvement and supervision when using their phones on a daily basis. That is why on MyDearest, you will receive a children’s App Usage Report. It can give you an idea of what your kids are doing on the phone while you are at work. You also will be able to remotely lock their phone screen if you see they are using their phone when they are not supposed to.

Besides this, you can always keep in touch with your kids and family using the secure Group Chat. And set a consistent schedule within your family to help everyone stay on the same page by sharing upcoming activities and appointments on the Group Calendar. Both of these features will make family coordination and planning easier.

Make life less stressful with MyDearest

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