How to share files with the Zapya QR code


Transferring files is very necessary nowadays, that’s why Zapya brings you one of the easiest ways to transfer files with your friends and colleagues: The QR code sharing mode.

Sometimes networks and devices won’t work easily to create a connection, that’s why we have introduced the QR code sharing mode, you can always select any file(s) from your Android or iOS device and send it to your peers instantly, here we show you how:

To send files:

  1. Open Zapya
  2. Select the files you want to share
  3. Click on send, this will create a QR code for the file
  4. Ask your friend to scan the QR code with the Zapya scanner

Note: If you want to share big files or folders, please go to the ‘’Files’’ section and choose a category, then select the folder(s)

To receive files:

  1. Open Zapya
  2. Accept the permissions for the app be functional (specifically the camera permission)
  3. Go to the upper right corner of the app and click on the QR code Zapya scanner
  4. Scan the QR code from your friend’s device


Upgrade Zapya to the latest version and enjoy the best file-sharing experience!


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