Zapya 2019 Year-in-Review

            As the decade comes to a close, we here at Dewmobile Inc. would like to thank our users for your continual support. Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we have continually been able to improve all of our applications to better help our users. Let’s look back at some of Dewmobile’s highlights from 2019!

New Features on Zapya

            Throughout the course of this year, our team has been tirelessly working to improve the user experience on Zapya. In addition to upgrading the application so that it supports the latest versions of Android, we added several new and exciting features to Zapya. Here are the main features that were added to Zapya in 2019:

Shake to Connect

With the Shake to Connect feature, Android users can bypass the need for a password and the QR code scanning process to connect their devices. You simply have to click on the feature and shake your phone at the same time as the other person in order to establish a connection. The process only takes a matter of seconds and you can begin to share files right away once the connection is established.

Music Playlists

Besides sharing files and watching the hottest videos worldwide, you can now create and share personalized playlists on Zapya. All the music on your device is conveniently listed in one place on Zapya so that you can listen to your music whenever and wherever you want. With the new playlist feature, you are able to create your own playlists based on the genre or mood and share them instantly with your friends without the need for an Internet connection.

Night Mode

Back by popular demand, night mode returned to Zapya in 2019. Night Mode allows you to switch the color scheme of your app from the typical dark-on-light color scheme to a light-on-dark color scheme. By switching over to Night Mode, your device will consume less of energy and prolong the battery life.

New Features on Zapya Go

2019 was a huge year for Zapya Go. Besides continually improving the way you share files both online and offline on the app, Zapya Go transitioned into a completely private social platform. Now you can be social without compromising your privacy on the same app that you share files and manage your phone contents! Here are the main features that were added to Zapya Go in 2019:

Add Friends

You can now add your friends on Zapya Go by simply sharing a file to them! Once you have shared a file to someone, their profile will appear in the list of people you can add as a friend and you just have to click “Add” to become friends. Zapya Go restricts strangers from sending you friend requests and does not generate automated friend suggestions in order to protect your privacy.

Share Moments

The new Moments section on Zapya Go lets you safely share photos, videos, and status updates to your private circle of close friends. Only your friends can view, like, and comment on your moments on Zapya Go. You can keep a low profile online awhile still sharing your precious moments with your friends!

Encrypted Chat

Along with adding a messenger into Zapya Go, we took it a step further and included an end-to-end encrypted chat option so that you can send secure messages to your private circle of close friends. When encrypted chat is turned on, the chat history is automatically cleared as soon as it has been read. This ensures that no third party can view the content of your chat.

New Applications 

           Our phones now contain a lot of sensitive and private information that we do not want others to be able to easily access. Whether it is your banking information or just your personal information, you do not want prying eyes to be able to see it. In 2019, our team came together to figure out new ways that we could help you protect your privacy. Along with upgrading Zapya Go, our team created two new applications to help you secure the data on your phone.


AppLockZ is a straightforward application that protects your privacy by offering multiple ways for you to lock away your private data so that others cannot access or delete them.


ScreenLockZ is a simple application that offers multiple types of locks in order to better secure your phone.


           Over the years our company values have never changed and we have been working to aid our users in sharing with those nearest and dearest with them. In 2019, we held several events so that we could connect more with our users and support their communities. The three major events that we participated in 2019 were:

Thingyan Water Festival

Being away from home during an important holiday is always hard so we decided to do our part in making it easier on the Burmese students who were studying aboard in Beijing this year. On the eve of the Thingyan Water Festival, our staff joined 100 Burmese students at a Buddhist retreat on the outskirts of Beijing and provided everyone with their own shirt, water bottle, and USB drive to mark the occasion. Everybody had a great time eating, drinking and playing in the water together and we are hoping to host this event again next year. 

Clean Karachi Campaign

In Pakistan, the ‘Clean Karachi’ campaign was launched in order to deal the huge amount of waste that was accumulating in the city of Karachi. We showed our support for this campaign by posting on our social media accounts, sent in-app messages, and featured related videos on the Discovery page of Zapya to provide information and useful updates about the campaign to our Pakistani users. By doing this, we provided free online exposure for the campaign and helped encourage users to help out their community. 

Myanmar Charity Event

One of the founders of Dewmobile, Inc. traveled to Myanmar in October and held a charity event for the Orphanage of the Ministry of Social Welfare Relief and Resettlement in Yangon. Along with providing all of the orphans with their own new pencils and notebooks, we also made a significant monetary donation to the orphanage. We hope to be able to continue to help out those in need and hope that our users will do the same.

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