Benefits of Creating a Free Zapya Transfer Account

Zapya Transfer has been updated so that you have the option to create a free Zapya Transfer account. You can still use Zapya Transfer to securely transfer files awhile staying anonymous online, but you will not have access to the same features as you would if you had a free Zapya Transfer account. When you create a free Zapya Transfer account, you can:


  1. Share Via Email

You have the option to have Zapya Transfer send an email on your behalf to notify recipients that they have files waiting for them to download. The email includes the six-digit code that is attached to the set of files, the download link, and whatever message you decide to attach to it. Recipients do not need to have a Zapya Transfer account to download the files.

  1. Send up to 2GB

You can share twice as many files when you use your Zapya Transfer account than when you use the site anonymously.  Without an account, you can only send up to 1GB worth of files.

  1. View Transfer History

You now can keep track of all the files you have shared using Zapya Transfer. The Transfer History section lists the names of the files you have uploaded and what six-digit code is attached to them. As long as the files are not expired, you can preview and download them.

  1. Preview Files

 Before you decide to download files from Zapya Transfer, you have the option to preview photo and video files. You cannot use this feature if you are not logged into your free Zapya Transfer account.


We plan to continually update Zapya Transfer to improve the overall user experience. You can look forward to more features being added to the free Zapya Transfer account and the addition of a Zapya Transfer Pro account. Zapya Transfer Pro account will be a paid-for version of the free Zapya Transfer account that will include additional features that will not be available on the login-free version and the free Zapya Transfer accounts.


Before sharing or downloading files from Zapya Transfer, please make sure that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement and Terms of Service. The website is currently only available in Mandarin Chinese and English. If you would like the website to be offered in a different language, please let us know in the comments or email us at


Create a free Zapya Transfer account and start sharing today!

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