More Ways to Share

We are happy to announce that there are now even more ways you can share files using Zapya Go. On top of being a completely private social platform, Zapya Go supports both offline and online sharing. This means you can share files of any size and of any format no matter where you are!


If you want to share files with someone far away, you can use “Remote Send” to share files online. Once you have selected the files you wish to share, Zapya Go will generate a six-digit password. Have your friend enter that password under “Remote Receive” and the files should automatically be sent to their device. If the connection gets interrupted, you can easily resume the transfer by going to the “History” section and clicking on the failed transfer. There is no time limit on when you can resume the failed transfer.


If you want to share files with someone who does not have Zapya Go on their device, just select “Zapya Transfer” on your Zapya Go application. Zapya Transfer allows you to securely transfer files online anonymously. Once you have uploaded files to Zapya Transfer, anyone you share the six-digit code with can download them within a seven-day period. Watch the video below to learn how to access Zapya Transfer from Zapya Go:



If you want to share files with someone nearby, you can use one of the three offline file sharing options that are available on Zapya Go. You can either: create a group and invite others to join it, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, or simply scan for nearby devices. No matter what situation you are in, Zapya Go has the perfect file sharing solution for you!


Start sharing with Zapya Go today!



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