Free Up Storage on Your Phone

If you are looking to free up storage space on your Android device, MiniShare is the perfect file-transfer tool for you! MiniShare is a simple file-sharing tool that we collaborated on with OmniShare. It is super small in size(only 4.1 MB), yet supports extremely fast transfer speeds.


With the latest update, MiniShare now supports online sharing. You can access this feature by clicking on your profile picture that is located on the top left corner of the screen and then clicking on the “Zapya Transfer” option. When you use Zapya Transfer to transfer files, uploaded files are stored on our cloud for seven days so that anyone you want to receive the files have plenty of time to download them.


If you do not wish to use an Internet connection or mobile data to share files, MiniShare includes three different ways you can share files offline. You can either share files by creating a group, generating a QR code for others to scan, or scanning for nearby devices. MiniShare keeps file sharing simple so that you can free up space on your phone.


Try out MiniShare today!


Available on the Google Play Store:

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