Out with the Old, In with the New!

With 2020 officially over, it is time to look to the future and strive for a better tomorrow. One small way you can do this is taking the time to de-clutter your phone. Not only will cleaning out your phone storage make space for all the wonderful memories you will make in 2021, it also will help speed up your phone!


Cleaning out your phone storage only takes a couple minutes when you use FileZ. FileZ is a file manager application for Android devices that makes it easy for you to efficiently explore all the files saved to your phone. FileZ has a built-in Storage Cleaner feature that makes cleaning out your phone storage easier. The Storage Cleaner identifies unused APK files and large files that might be slowing down your device. You can filter through the large files by selecting what size files you would like to go through.


If you are looking to do a more in-depth clean out of your phone storage, FileZ can also help with that. All the content on your phone is organized into folders on FileZ according to file type and what application they were downloaded from. You can also find all the files you downloaded recently in the “Recent Files” folder.


Start de-cluttering your phone today with FileZ!



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